Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Past Tribal Events


Spotswood Treaty Tribute On April 23, 2024
Governor’s Photo Gallery

Chief Brown Guest Speaker at SGA Tribal 8(a) Paternships Done Right Summit In Fairfax, VA On Behalf Of The Tribally Owned Cheroenhaka Nottoway Enterprise (CNE) Tribal “Super” 8(a) Company. Some 230 Mega Business Attended The Summit, Many Of Whom Were 8(a) Entities

March 19, 2024 Brookwood Elementary School Tribal Native History Presentation



November 3, 4 & 5, 2023 32nd Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Corn Harvest Powwow & School Day

310th Spotswood Treaty Tribute, April 21, 2024
News Article and Video

2023 Native American Revival Crusade

July 1, 2023 31st Cheroenhaka ( Nottoway) Indian “Green Corn” Powwow

Fort Barfoot Name Changing


November 5, 2022 Traditional Iroquioan Wedding

November 4-6, 2022 30th “Corn Harvest” Powwow and School Day

September 17, 2022 5th Annual Native American Revival

July 2, 2022: 29th Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian “Green Corn” Dance Powwow & Gathering
Photos by Bert Wendell, Jr.


November 5, 6 & 7, 2021: 28th Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Intertribal “Corn Harvest” Powwow and School Day
Video courtesy of Scott Davis (Videographer)

September 18, 2021: Native American Revival Crusade For Christ – The Great Awaking of the Holy Spirit
Guest Evangelist, Chief Steve Silverheels, Son of Tonto on the TV series “The Lone Ranger.” 

April 23, 2021: 308th Spotswood Treaty Tribute To VA Governor – 3 Peace Arrows.

July 3, 2021: 27th Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian “Green Corn” Dance Powwow & Gathering. (9 AM to Sunset)


Nov 10, 2020: Daughters of the American Revolution in Williamsburg VA

2020 July Powwow Flyer Cancellation
(Due to Covid-19)

Educator Information for Cheroenhaka Nottoway School Day Letter 2020

2020 Presentation Certificates of Appreciation to Archaeology Society of VA


2019 Green Corn Powwow (Courtesy Of Scott Davis)

2018 Corn Harvest Powwow (Courtesy Of Scott Davis)

2019 May 17th,18th & 19th Cattashowrock Ancestral Knapp-In Gathering/BBQFundraiser (Courtesy Of Scott Davis)

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 18th Annual Corn Harvest Powwow

2019 November Corn Harvest School Day and Powwow November

2019 Ancesteral Knapp-In Gathering May 17th,18th & 19th With Colonial Virginia Model A Ford Club (CVMAFC)
(Courtesy Of Bert Wendell Of Asv Archaelogical Society Of Virginia)

3rd Annual 2019 September Revival Crusade for Christ


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 17th Annual Powwow

2018 November School Day and Powwow
(alternate link)

2018 May 9th 1st Annual Golf Tournament Franklin Va

2018 May 25th to 28th Primitive Skills Gathering

2018 September 8th 2nd Annual Native American Revival Crusade for Christ

2018 November 19th Ft Lee Presentation

2018 November 30th Ft Eustis Presentation


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 16th Annual Powwow

2017 May Native American Revival


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 15th Annual Powwow

2016 November School Day and Powwow

2016 February 4th Great Bridge Daughters of the American Revolution

2016 April 23rd 163 Acre Land Closing Ceremony

2016 April 25th 303rd 1713 Spotswood Treaty Tribute


2015 November School Day And Powwow

2015 November Military Sealift Command Presentation


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 13th Annual Powwow

2014 November School Day And Powwow

2014 November 2nd Hampton Roads VDOT Unity Conference

2014 November 18th USDA Presentation

2014 November 23rd Pioneer Elementary School Presentation


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 12th Annual Powwow

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian  Inter-Tribal “Corn Dance” Spring Festival Powwow

2013 Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe Annual School Day and Powwow

Mortgage Burning Ceremony

Governor McDonnell Signs Proclamation for American Indian Heritage Month November 8th 2013


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 11th Annual Powwow

2012 Tribal Educational Presentations


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 10th Annual Powwow

Traditional Native Wedding (Officiated by Chief Walt Red Hawk Brown)
On April 23, 2011, Occoneechee State Park had the pleasure of hosting a Native American wedding between Cassandra “Buffalo Heart Woman” and Joseph “Screaming Hawk” Jackson. From what we know this was the first wedding of this type to have taken place at a Virginia State Park. I interviewed the future Mrs. Jackson with the assistance of Megan Varner Occoneechee’s second Youth Ambassador. We obtained the following information:

  • The bride’s first name Cassandra was given to her after her mother was visited in a vision by her grandmother whose names was also Cassandra. Cassandra is from the Cheroenhaka “Nottoway” Nation. Joseph, the groom, is Haliwa-Saponi; both belong to the Iroquois.
  • Before the ceremony, a medicine man blesses the circle where the marriage is held. The circle is very sacred.

Norfolk State University Mini Festival And Forum Powwow

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Inter-Tribal Spring Festival Powwow School Day

2011 Tribal Educational Presentations


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 9th Annual Powwow

Chief Red Hawk Presentation to ASV Northern Va Chapter Presentation August 11, 2010

Governor McDonnell Signs Proclamation for American Indian Heritage Month November 10, 2010

2010 Tribal Educational Presentations


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 8th Annual Pow Wow Green Corn Harvest Powwow

American Indian Society of Washington,D.C. 11th Annual Powwow &  Inaugural Ball

Army Promotion of Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Princess

Land Closing Peace Pipe Ceremony : Tribe Reclaims a Piece of the Reservation

Native Americans Reclaim Reservation Land (Tidewater News)

Senator Jim Webb Letter

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling Letter

2009 Tribal Educational Presentations

Cheroenhaka Journals Archived by State Library


Cheroenhaka(Nottoway) Inter-Tribal Fall Powwow

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) 7th Annual Powwow 2008

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Heritage Foundation Book Scholarship Award Recipients

2008 Tribal Educational Presentations


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 6th Annual Powwow & Gathering

Nottoway County Powwow

Sussex County Pow Wow Wakefield 4-H Center

Monacan Pow Wow

Occoneechee Powwow

Peake Belt & Pipe  Ceremony

2007 Tribal Educational Presentations


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 5th Annual Powwow & Gathering

Seventeen Hampton Roads mayors and county board chairs launch the ‘Year of Regional Citizenship’

Tribe Recognition Gets Support of Anthropologist


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) 4th Annual Powwow 2005
(July 23rd & 24th, 2005)

Visiting Ancestral Remains at Smithsonian (Photos)
(December 1, 2005)


Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe 3rd Annual Powwow & Gathering
(July 29, 2004)