311th Spotswood Treaty Tribute, April 23, 2024

Recently the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe of Southampton County Virginia presented the 311th annual Spotswood Treaty Tribute to the sitting Virginia Governor Youngkin. 

The Spotswood Treaty was let with the Cheroenhaka Tribe on February 27, 1713.

The Treaty requires three peace arrows and any other formal Treaty tribute.  As such, the tribe wrapped the three peace arrows in a Beaver Pelt which represented the 1677 Treaty, Woodland Plantation Treaty, that took place in Williamsburg, Virginia. A wampum belt also was presented as part of the treaty tribute as a representative of a tax tribute.

The Treaty Ceremony took place at the “Mantel”, Native American Memorial,  8on the Captial Grounds.

After initial welcome comments by Governor Youngkin, 

Tribal members in attendance, in full Native Regalia,  open up the Ceremony with an Honor Dance for the Governor and First Lady to the Hand Drumming and singing of Chief Brown.

At the close of the Honor Dance,  Chief Brown presented the traditional tribute of Three Peace Arrows,  a Beaver Pelt and a Wampum Belt to the Governor, followed  by group pictures with the Governor, First Lady, Secretary of the Commenwealth Gee and Representative Otto Wachsmann.