Official Website of the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe

Southampton County, VA

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2024 Calendars

$20 plus $5 shipping per calendar.

These beautiful and colorful calendars include pictures depicting our past tribal events during each calendar month, along with a listing of our upcoming events. Individuals may contact Chief Brown at or Karen Barrett at Calendars can be paid via Paypal, Zelle, check or money order to the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribal Heritage Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 297, Franklin, VA 23851.  

Tribal Shield Key Chain Fundraiser

The key chain would make an exceptional gift for your tribal children and other family members.

Cost $10, with a $2.50 shipping charge, to be made payable to the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Tribal Heritage Foundation (tax exempt).


As our tribe’s spokesperson “Dar-sun-ke” (the Tongue), and Chief, it is with great zeal on behalf of the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribal Council and Members, that we welcome you in the name of the Creator (Quaker-Hun-te) to our Tribal Web Site.

Each year we host three tribal events on our 263 acres of tribal land at Cattashowrock Town. A Green Corn Dance Powwow the first Saturday in July, a Native American Revival, Crusade for Christ / Yahshua, the Great Awakening of the Holy Spirit, on the third Saturday in September and an Intertribal Corn Harvest Powwow and School Day on the first weekend in November. The School Day is the Friday before the November Powwow with a bonfire that evening.

“Quaker Hun-te EE Sun-ke Was-ke-hee, Th-ra-hun-ta, Was-we-kr “
(Creator My Hearts Sees, Hears and Speaks).

Chief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown, “Teerheer”     Mark of the Chief 

Visit Cattashowrock Town

Visit Cattashowrock Town, a 17th Century replica Native American Palisade Village, as identified by William Byrd II of Westover upon his visit to what is now Southampton County, Virginia on April 7th & 8th, 1728 and walk the interpretative trails guided by signage in our Iroquoian language and in English identifying Native Flora and Fauna indigenous to the area.

Tribal Council

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe
Current Tribal Council Members and Staff

Tribal Chief/Council Chairman/President CNE-LLC/Heritage Foundation Chairman/ President CNE-Signature JV ,LLCChief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown
Vice Chief/ Chief Man/Tribal TreasureEllis “Soaring Eagle” Wright
War Chief/Chief Man/Powwow Color Guard CommanderWilliam Lamb “Spread Eagle Howell
Council Woman/ Vice Chief for Admin/Tribal Secretary/Roll Keeper/Face Book Administrator/ Grant Committee/CNE-LLC Secretary/CNE-Signature JV ,LLC SecretaryCaroh “Water Blossom” Holley
Chief Man//Grant Committee Vice Chairman/  CNIT Heritage Foundation Board MemberGary “Twin Hawks” Burnette
Chief Man/ Council Member/Heritage Foundation Assistant Treasure/CNE-LLC TreasurerTommy “Star Watcher” Hines
Tribal Heritage Foundation TreasurerKitty “Yellow Sky Woman” Boone
Chief Man/Council Member /  Powwow Co- Chairman /Tribal Land Maintenance ManagerRickie “Two Beavers” Boone
Grant Committee ChairpersonLaStel “Talking Bird” Walker
Adopted Tribal Member/Heritage Foundation At Large Board Member/FD Financial Secretary/ASV Point of Contact   Teresa “Moon Star” Preston
Powwow Food Services Committee ChairmanRobert I “Running Eagle” Turner
Tribal Women’s Group LeaderCaroh “Water Blossom” Holley

Tribal Council’s  Support Staff

Chief Man/Tribal Website Administrator and Heritage Foundation Website Administrator / Food Services Committee.Michael “Strong Tree” Skipper
Assistant Tribal Website AdministratorDeborah “Tiger Lily” Motahari
Educational Representative/School Day Coordinator/Tribal Media Rep/Tribal Calendar Karen “Running Moon” Barrett
Tribal Fund Raiser Chairperson/CoordinatorMary F. “Morning Rain” Wilkerson
Tribal College Book Scholarship ChairpersonBeverly “Barefoot” El
  Three Sisters Garden Chair/ Powwow Food Services Committee/Adopted Tribal Member/Grant CommitteeColette “CoCo” Hayward  
Three Sisters Garden Co-Chair / Honorary Tribal MemberBecky “Sun Star”  Winslow
Powwow Food Services Finance Committee / Adopted Tribal Member     Chief Man  / Budget Committee Chairman / Powwow Co- ChairmanDiana “Smiling Fawn” Faison     Robert C. “Walking Eagle” Turner
Chief Man / Cattashowrock Town Palisade Village  Care Taker/ Powwow Co-ChairmanEthan “Dancing Bear” Phelps
Powwow Food Services Committee / Honorary Tribal MemberAnnie “Rain Tree” Skipper