Letter in Support from Anthropologist Howard A. MacCord

Senator Stosch – You may remember me and my efforts over many years in support of archeological work all over the Commonwealth. I am now 90 and retired, but I keep up with work done by others. I still contribute to the science by writing for publication and serving as a source of information for other researchers. It is very satisfying, too.

I am in full agreement with the appeal by today’s Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian descendants to confirm their historic relationship with the state. SJ 152 is a good beginning. It is a bit long and detailed, and it contains gaps in the tribal history which I hope the group can fill by supporting archeological work on sites in their historic region, the drainage of the Nottoway River east of the Fall Line. I have offered this advice to Chief Brown, who seems open to such research.

Regardless, I see recognition by the state of the Nottoway tribe as fully justified. Their history is known, and there is a historic and genealogical continuity which is scant for some of our recognized tribes, especially the Monacans. The Nottoways and Meherrins spoke an Iroquois language, probably as an off-shoot from the Tuscaroras in North Carolina. The Meherrins moved into North Carolina around AD 1700 and still live near Winton, Ahoskie and Murfreesboro, where they are a recognized group. In my opinion, the Nottoways qualify for recognition, and I strongly recommend passage of SJ 152 this year. in time for similar action by the House. I am available to answer questions on this, if you or others of the Rules Committee desire.

Thank you for your long and meritorious service in the General Assembly. Best wishes, too, in all other aspets of your life.

Howard A. MacCord, Sr Archeologist-retired
& Colonel (AUS-Retired) Richmond, VA