Letter of Support from Beaver Creek Indians

Dear Senator Tommy Norment,

My name is Chief Louie C Chavis, of the Beaver Creek Indians in Salley, SC. I would like to express my support and honor in the recognition of the Cheroenhaka ( Nottoway ) Indian Tribe. I have personally been to many of their Annual Green Corn Festivals, (Pow Wows), the fourth weekend of July.

I have become very acquainted with this Tribe and Chief WD “Walt” Brown. I was born in Fredericksburg, VA and coming back to my home state for this event each year is very important to me personally as well a support for my fellow American Indian people and their Chief. I also have a son who lives in Southampton County presently, which also helps him to stay close with an American Indian fellowship Tribe, since he cannot come back to SC often.

I have studied the history of this Tribe for we share a common heritage and I would like to cast my support for this Tribe to be formally recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia .

We the Beaver Creek Indians from South Carolina have recently received our own State Recognition. I can attest personally, how important this is to American Indian people.

This recognition affords every American Indian member of this Tribe their birthright, heritage, honor, culture, spiritual and proper place among the population in Virginia .

Chief Brown, Vice Chief Wright and their governing Council came to South Carolina in support of South Carolina ‘s Unity Conference which was held for the first time in May, 2005. This was a history making event for South Carolina American
Indians and I would like to return the same honor to my fellow American Indian people the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe, in the State of Virginia.

Chief Louie C Chavis
Beaver Creek Indians
Salley, South Carolina