Tribal Council

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe
Current Tribal Council Members and Staff

  Tribal Chief/Council Chairman/President CNE-LLC/Heritage Foundation Chairman  Walt “Red Hawk” Brown
Vice Chief/ Chief Man/Tribal TreasureEllis “Soaring Eagle” Wright
War Chief/Chief Man/Powwow Color Guard Cdr.William Lamb “Spread Eagle Howell
Council Women/ Vice Chief for Admin/Tribal Secretary/Roll Keeper/Face Book Administrator/ Grant Committee/CNE-LLC Secretary  Carol “Water Blossom” Holley
Chief Man/ Tribal Council/Grant Committee Chairman/ Powwow Food Services Chair/ CNE-LLC Board Member  Gary “Twin Hawks” Burnette
Chief Man/ Council Member/Heritage Foundation Assistant Treasure/CNE-LLC TreasurerTommy “Star Watcher” Hines
Tribal Women’s Group ChairVacant
Chief Man/ Assistant Powwow Co Chair Administrator/Powwow Food Services Committee  Alex “Strong Moon” Whitney
Council Member/ Foundation Board of Director/Grant Committee Vice ChairSonya “Star Bird” Lawrence
Adopted Tribal Member/Heritage Foundation At Large Board Member/FD Financial Secretary/ASV Point of Contact     Teresa “Moon Star” Preston
Chief Man/Tribal Council/Powwow Co-ChairmanRickie “Two Beavers” Boone
Chief Man/ Tribal Land Maintenance ManagerLewis “Strong Beaver” Bateman

Tribal Council’s  Support Staff

Chief Man/Tribal Website AdministratorMichael “Strong Tree” Skipper
Assistant Tribal Website AdministratorDeborah “Tiger Lily” Motahari
Educational Representative/ School Day Coordinator/Tribal Media Rep/Tribal Calendar Karen “Running Moon” Barrett
Tribal Fund Raiser Chairperson/CoordinatorMary F. “Morning Rain” Wilkerson
Tribal Book Scholarship ChairpersonBeverly “Barefoot” El
Three Sisters Garden Chair/ Powwow Food Services Committee/Adopted Tribal Member/Grant Committee  Colette “CoCo” Hayward
Powwow Food Services Committee/Adopted Tribal MemberMary “White Feather”  Ross